A Tool for Tomorrow..

About M.A.N.S.I


MANSI is an Acronym for Software for Artificial Intelligence and Neurons of Machine. This project is initiated as the learning tool as well as a development framework for A.I. This VMWare file would contain various open source tool for Image processing, Machine Learning, Algorithms for Classification, Voice to text and Text to Voice.

Salient Features


  • Open source tool for Image processing,
  • Open source tool for Machine Learning
  • Algorithm for Classification of DATA
  • Voice to text and Text to Voice.
  • Communication done via Virtual Assistance. like ALICA.


  • An Open Source Operating System,
  • Based on Ubuntu Kernel
  • Made with Open source tools Like OpenCV, MBRola much more.
  • Platform for Research and Learner to build his own tool for AI 
  • Set of Machine Learning and Mining Algorithm.

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